Hometown Heroes WOW Westwood

rrwHometown Heroes too numerous to count rose bright and early Wednesday morning to make tracks to Westwood so that they could help lead the annual Character Counts!/Red Ribbon Week Pep Rally. The excitement was palpable as FHS student representatives from the baseball team, the lacrosse team, the cheerleading squads, the football team, the softball team, the basketball team, the tennis team, the PALs, and more spent some quality time with their littlest fans signing autographs and handing out red Show Good Character by Being Drug Free pencils before Warbles began. As the bell rang and the frenzy quieted a bit, we joined our role models to say our pledges and pause for a moment of silence.

The third-grade songsters, under the direction of former music teacher, Laura Rachita, then sang Forever Free, their promise to lead a drug-free life. The Character Team, comprised of head football coach Steve VanMeter, FHS Principal Mark Griffon, and Assistant Superintendent Thad Roher shared some words of wisdom to reinforce this year’s theme, Hooked On Character. A creative skit served as Mr. Roher’s hook as walked through the Pillars of Character while preparing himself for a fishing expedition. The boots, he told our youngest – and oldest – learners, stood for Trustworthines. The tool belt, he added, is for Respect. His lucky white shirt represents responsibility. One by one, he put on the Pillars as he dressed for success to go fly fishing for character – and, of course, a big bass.

The Mighty Mustang football team captains, each wearing a Pillar shirt, gave pep talks through the Pillars and the cheerleaders led a few drug-free cheers (talk about trustworthiness in action!) before members of our Peer Assistance and Leadership (PALs) class wrapped things up by encouraging good character choices, not just for the week, but for life. As we closed our morning meeting, Westwood students treated our heroes to a spirited version of our school song. Asthey exited under the victory tunnels made by our role models, tomorrow’s leaders were energized for the day by high fives and handshakes from their heroes.

We extend our sincere appreciation for this ‘TRRFCC’ partnership with the FISD Character Team and our friends from FHS. Thanks for a memorable morning; our future looks bright with you leading the way!