First Day Facts

Our doors will open: 7: 25am

The doors to the campus will open at 7: 25. Feel free to accompany your student for the first day. After that, we encourage student independence. This helps us maintain a SAFE school environment.

Who is my TEACHER?

August 10 at 5 pm you will receive a message via email. At that time parents can access SKYWARD to receive the name of the student’s teacher. Also, your student can meet their teacher at the campus Meet & Greet. 
Westwood- August 13, 4-5pm
Bales- August 13, 5-6pm

What’s for lunch?

If you choose not to bring a lunch, menus are provided on the Food Service webpage. There, you can see lunch prices and set-up an account with My School Bucks to add money for meals. Hint: a little extra $ for emergencies is recommended. 

* The campus lunchroom will be closed for lunch visitors the first two weeks of school. Parent lunch visits will begin on August 29.

How am I getting home?

FISD encourages you to be consistent with your pick-up arrangements. This helps decrease the confusion with students and staff.
Visit the Transportation webpage. There you can search Route Locator and locate your child’s route and bus number. It’s a good thing to memorize your number. 

Day Care
Day Care providers will line up with the buses in the bus line. It is a good thing to remember your Day Care’s name.

Car Rider
The car riders will be picked up at a separate exit from buses.

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