First Day Facts

Our doors will open: 7: 30am

The doors to your campus will open at 7: 30. Feel free to accompany your student for the first week. After that, we encourage independence and self-reliance.

Who is my TEACHER?

During the month of August, cards were mailed to your house with information on your new teacher. Also, you can meet your teacher at the scheduled Meet & Greet. 

What’s for lunch?

* The campus lunchroom will be closed for lunch the first two weeks of school.
If you choose not to bring a lunch, menus are provided on the Food Service webpage. There, you can see lunch prices and set-up an account with My School Bucks to add money for meals. Hint: a little extra $ for emergencies is recommended. 

How am I getting home?

FISD encourages you to be consistent with your pick-up arrangements. This helps lessen confusion with duty monitors and students.
Visit the Transportation webpage. There you can search Route Locator and locate your child’s route and bus number. It’s a good thing to memorize your number. 

Car Rider
The car riders will be picked up in a  separate from the busses.

Day Care
Day Care providers will line up with the buses in the bus line. It is a good thing to remember your Day Care’s name.