Juniors: Balfour will also be delivering class rings one last time on Thursday, January 18 and Friday, January 19. Your ID will be required. 


• Co-Sponsor: Elizabeth Woodley
• Co-Sponsor: Andrea Davidson


President: Ben McAndrews
V President: Rory Sims
Secretary: Mae McAninch
Treasurer: Garrett Turner

Items of Interest

from the Administration
Colleges, Universities, Academies
Graduation Requirements for Graduates 2018 & Beyond
Pre-Game Dinner (Junior Class)
Standardized Testing DatesSAT, ACT, AP, PSAT
College Timeline for Juniors

Balfour make-up orders for class rings may be ordered online at balfourgrad.com and select Friendswood HS. If you have order forms already completed, you may mail them directly to:
Balfour Company
8525 Westland West Blvd.
Houston, Texas 77041

College Visitation: For Juniors and Seniors only

Limit 2 per school year. Please complete the top portion of the College Day Form and have all your teachers sign off before your visit to ensure they are aware of your absence. You are required to make up all school work. Turn in the completed form (except for the signatures of the Principal and Attendance) to Principal Griffon’s office prior to your absence.
** You must bring a verification letter (on official letterhead) from the college for your absence to be excused and not count against exemptions.
The deadline for taking a college day is May 1.