The state of Texas requires a student to be in school.

If your child is absent due to illness, doctor’s appointments, etc., you are to notify the school in writing as to why the absence has occurred.  As stated in the Mustang Manual, you have 3 days to turn in notes to the attendance office.

If you receive a letter from the Truancy Clerk, FHS has not received documentation for the absence(s).  Please check your records and if the absence(s) are legitimate, please write a note and have your student turn into the Truancy Clerk’s office in the Assistant Principals suite.  You may also fax your notes to 281-996-2523, attention: Kara Buster

If the absence is due to a doctor’s visit, please contact your doctor and ask them to fax documentation to 281-996-2523, attention: Kara Buster.

Any questions can be directed to:
Kara Buster
Hours:  10:30 to 11:30 a.m.
Email address:  [email protected]

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