As your school counselor, I am ready to grow alongside your child while helping to meet their social, emotional, physical and academic needs.
I encourage you to reach out to me as concerns arise this school year.

FJH Counseling Center

Junior high guidance counselors have an opportunity to play a crucial role in the lives of the students. During this time, students face rapid maturation and physical growth, hormonal changes, social development issues and questions of self-identity, all amidst the search for interests and friends. This is a job not to be taken lightly, as students at this age are at a critical stage in their development. Chron.com

Meet the JH Counselors:

Robyn Sandoval

6th Grade Counselor
[email protected]


This is my second year at FJH! I have 16 years in Education and 11 years as a School Counselor.

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Amy Pack

7th Grade Counselor
[email protected]


I came to FISD in 2013, after 5 years of classroom teaching and 3 years of school counseling.

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Jennifer Reed

8th Grade Counselor
[email protected]


I have been in education and a professional school counselor for over 15 years .

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2017-2018 Course Selection Guide for 6

2017-2018 Course Selection Guide for 7 & 8

8th Grade FISD Course Selection Website


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