It is the mission of our schools to provide quality instruction for our students in a safe and secure environment. We take this responsibility seriously and continuously strive to prepare ourselves to respond to our environment.

Annually we review our Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) to ensure that we are prepared for a variety of emerging situations. District personnel are in contact with local, state and national law enforcement and emergency management officials on a regular basis. This allows us to stay abreast of issues that impact the safety of our children and staff.

Skylert Notification System has been very successful in getting information to parents and guardians in a timely manner when there is important information to convey.  Skylert along with, our website,  are the two immediate ways to receive news.

FISD officials maintain a constant watch on changing weather conditions. During hurricane season, the administration stays in contact with emergency management and other city officials and stand ready to take the necessary actions for the dismissal of school and the immediate return of students to their homes if and when such circumstances warrant. The District works closely with the City’s Emergency Management Department to prepare for severe weather. Occasionally, the threat of severe weather makes it necessary to dismiss school earlier than usual in order for buses and cars to be able to travel the normal routes.

Announcements regarding inclement weather and possible dismissal will be made on our website, in a text and on area radio and television stations. Please listen to the City of Friendswood Information Radio (1650 AM), KTRH (740) and KPRC (950 AM) and watch TV Stations KTRK (13), KPRC-TV (2), KHOU-TV (11), and KRIV (Fox 26), local network affiliated TV stations for announcements concerning the dismissal or cancellation of school or the time when classes will be resumed if such dismissal or cancellation becomes necessary.

Inappropriate Comments
It is not uncommon for schools across the nation to encounter challenges of students making inappropriate comments perceived as threatening the safety of others. In the event such threats are made, it is FISD’s practice to immediately contact any individual and parents of students who may be threatened in any manner.
FISD works closely with local police and when students make such remarks, they are immediately removed from the campus. However, Friendswood Independent School District is precluded by law from commenting publicly on specific student disciplinary matters. Additional police presence is also employed during such incidents.

Please remember that, in the case of a shelter-in-place order, our doors will remain closed and no one will be allowed in or out. This includes parents and staff. Students would be released only after clearance is received from law enforcement or emergency management officials.

AED (Automatic External Defibrillator)
Friendswood has an AED at each campus. Multiple AEDs are located at FJH and FHS. Also, one AED at each FISD department outside a campus.

Friendswood ISD
District Safety Action Plan Overview

Monthly Meeting with City Personnel
Police, Emergency Management, Fire Marshall, City Manager, City Engineer

Active Shooter Training by FPD
Campus and Central Office Administration

Safety Audits completed every 2 years

Tabletop / Live Exercises with City Departments

Emergency Operations Plan
This plan is provided to all personnel.
Emergency plans are reviewed at faculty & department meetings.

Raptor Technology at every campus – for predator identification

SRO at Jr. High and High School

Background checks for all employees, subs, etc.
(Fingerprinting and Texas Safe Schools Data Base)

Security Cameras
¢ All campuses, Administration, Support Center, & Ag Barn

After Hour Security Monitoring – Motion Detectors
Campuses and Departments

Single entrance to all campuses
Controlled entrance doors 

Required Safety Committees
District (Representatives from each campus, • Central office, Community)–Quarterly meetings
Campus- Monthly / Bimonthly
Departments – Annual

Monthly safety meetings
Annual 15 hour training on safety – intruder

Random unannounced use of canines for detecting drugs and weapons.

Campus radios.

Administrators / Directors certified in NIMS (National Incident Management System)

Traffic control by FPD at each campus morning and afternoon.

Emergency Operation Plan (EOP) updated yearly.
All drills
Situation plans – fire, tornado, lockdown, shelter in place, intruder, large event, kidnapping/ apprehension.
Contact info. – local, state, city
Alternate release plans

Constant Contact / Situational Awareness with the FPD
Character Education Programs