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Smith J
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Codes used to Identify Taxing Entities
01 - Friendswood ISD
03 - Galveston Co Education District (1991-1992 only)
04 - Clear Creek Drainage District (Prior to 2006)
05 - Galveston Co Drainage Dist #3 (Prior to 2006)
08 - Galveston Co Consolidated Drainage District

Current payments are due on or before January 31. Current payments are listed first, by year. If the taxes were paid before January 31, the tax paid and the date paid is shown. If the taxes were not paid by January 31, OR if the taxpayer has an over 65 or disability homestead exemption and chose to pay quarterly, it shows “not paid, see delq/quarterly below”.  Payments will show amounts paid and date paid. A delinquent balance due will include penalty, interest and fees. Interest increases each calendar month. If it is a quarterly payment, the tax is not delinquent, it is not past due, and the P&I and fees will be zero. Quarterly payment due dates: January 31, March 31, May 31 and July 31.