Heather Elmore, Counselor

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Hi! I’m Heather Elmore and so excited to be your new school counselor at Westwood this year. I will be full time on campus to help student emotional, social and even academic needs. Luckily, I will be getting to visit with all the students at Westwood (even yours:) Don’t worry children LOVE to come see the counselor. The counselor is someone who listens to any concerns they have, but also is there just for support – a smile, a hug or high-five.

As the counselor, I will be having lunch with all the students at Westwood in small groups to get to know them and them me. It’s a fun time that they will look forward to!

I am trained in Character Counts and we at Westwood will be having a character trait/pillar of the month that I will be teaching your child during their classroom guidance time monthly. Guidance time is where your child comes with their whole class to my office for a lesson. Your child’s teacher will also be teaching the character lesson of the month along with the manner of the week. Please help us continue the character lessons at home simply by talking about the trait we are working on and pointing out when you see your child doing the manner or character of the month. You will see character signs and words ALL over Westwood. When you are on campus point those character posters and words out to your child and talk about them.

No matter what kind of student your child is academically they still need good character and good manners. It does not matter what career choice they go into as an adult, having good character traits and respectful manners will get them so far. Good character is needed for an employee, boss, teacher, doctor, waiter, parent, neighbor, friend and the list goes on. We have to be a team teaching our children to have good character, which will help in their future being successful at whatever they do.

I will also be doing individual and small groups when the needs arise on such things as anger, grief, building friendships, self confidence, anxiety, family changes etc. A family dynamic changes with a move or even a new sibling, not just separation or divorce. A child sometimes needs someone to talk with and get support.

I graduated with my bachelors degree from Texas State University. I still have a hard time switching over from calling it Southwest Texas State. No matter the name, I’m still a Bobcat! After graduating in San Marcos, I taught first and second grade in Pearland at CJ Harris Elementary while attending the University of Houston in the evenings and summers working on my masters degree in educational psychology. I did an internship at the counseling center at the University of St. Thomas and after graduating was hired at Challenger Elementary in Pearland. I was the elementary school counselor for many years before making the tough decision to stay at home after my oldest daughter was born.

I have four girls! My oldest is Brooke who is in seventh grade at FJH and I have triplets who are starting second grade at Westwood. I am so excited to be back working and I feel so blessed to be at Westwood with my girls and wonderful staff.

I live in Friendswood with my husband of 17 years Troy and my girls. In my spare time, I enjoying knitting with my girlfriends and spending time with family and friends.

Please let me know if I can help your child in any way. Come by, introduce yourself and say hello. I’m so excited about this school year!