2 Westwood Bales fourth graders host shelter pet donations

Sometimes tails wagging are all the thanks one needs. Such was the case for Sam

Dunphy-Miller and Justin Roberts donation project.

The two Westwood Bales students wanted to do something that would help

animals. They decided to set up a program to accept donations for the Friendswood

Animal Control Shelter.

It was a great success! With all of the items donated by the students at

Westwood-Bales, the two boys filled the back of a pickup truck!

The Friendswood Animal Control shelter manager, Lisa Bragg, was so excited to

see all of the donations.

As quickly as the boys got the items unloaded and into the shelter, volunteers

were coming and taking them to where they were needed most.

Lisa Bragg then took the boys on a tour of the facility, where they got to give the

dogs some of the treats they collected, and they were able to use the new toys to play

with the cats.

The two saw the front office, the storage room, the cleaning and laundry room,

the surgery/medical room, as well as the dog and cat kennels. Their favorite part was

running with Corky in the back yard, according to Justin who would like his mom to

agree to adopt the dog.

“They feel really good about themselves, as well they should! This was their idea

– no one else’s – and they saw it through to the end! We are super proud of both Sam and

Justin. They are the future of animal rescue!” their moms, Kristin Miller, Kim Dunphy

and Bridget Montgomery said.