FHS to do The Golden Boy for One Act competition

The Friendswood High School play chosen for One Act Play competition will be The Golden Boy, by Clifford Odets. Director is FHS drama instructor Kathy Powdrell.

Students in the UIL Company 2017 include Katie Sharp, Cade Tucker, Max Morgan, Alex Rudd, Jacob Goodin, Garrett Morris, JC Mills, Elaina Roher, Jacob Johnstone, Kyle Dickens, Nate Hejtmancik, Andrea Beasley, Jacob Vegas, Garrett McGregor, and Tyler Pittman.
The Crew will include Joseph LeBlanc, Meredith Fraga, Emily King, Jacob Jaime, and Sydney Antill.
Alternates are Jana Ryan, Trey Hahn, Rory Sims and Jacquelin Kutz.

UIL competition for One Act Plays will be noon March 22, at Friendswood High School. There will be a total of eight plays, with FHS at #7. Tickets will be $5.