Academic Decathlon raffles baskets

[catergory press releases] Academic Decathlon team raffles 2 baskets for fundraising

Community members Forrest Williams and Julie Jankowski (not shown)

won the baskets raffled by Academic Decathlon. A big thank you to all of those

who purchased raffle tickets or donated for the Decathlon prize baskets. Class

members thank all for their continued support of the program!

This year there are 34 students in the class, the largest they have had.

The group competed recently at Katy Taylor High School and won second place.

The FHS group is hosting a meet at FHS on Nov. 15 and will compete at

Pearland High School Dec. 13.

The final team for competition to go to State will be named in early

January and compete in Regionals Jan. 30-31. State competition will be Feb, 27-

March 1.

What happens to those who do not make the final team? Several will be

alternates, some will do Octathlon if they are sophomores, and some will do UIL

academics, according to Coach Ashley Birmingham.

The three coaches are Birmingham, Arden Zimmerman and Renee