Alexa Swett receives Student Hero Award

Alexa Swett with Matt Robinson

On May 1, State Board of Education member and former FISD Board of Trustees member Matt Robinson visited Cline Elementary to present third-grader Alexa Swett with the District 7 Student Heroes Award during a pep rally.

The award is given out once a year by the State Board of Education. In the application, the Board asked for students of any age who exemplified great character and acts of service for unselfish reasons. Robinson said Swett was a standout.

“All of the kids [who are nominated] are highly qualified for this recognition,” Robinson said. “But I don’t think I’ve ever seen an elementary school kid with [Swett’s] level of maturity and her desire to help others in a selfless manner.”

Swett’s teacher, Beth Evans, was the one who nominated Swett for the award.

“At the beginning of the year, Alexa came to me and told me her goal was bucket-filling. She said she really wanted to find buckets that needed filling, so if I knew of any special cases, to let her know,” Evans said. “I always know I can count on her to help out when I see another student in need of friendship.”

Swett said she believes in doing the little things to make a big difference.

“I want to show love to others,” Swett said. “There’s no reason to be bad; there are only reasons to be good.”

Amongst the many acts of kindness Evans has observed Swett doing are holding her peers’ hands when they get sad/anxious, bringing other students notes of encouragement from home, giving struggling classmates “worry stones” and creating a spot at the lunch table so a Quest student could eat with her class.

“I think she just has a very kind heart and sweet spirit. She’s obviously been raised to look at those outside of herself and do something for them – not for a reward or praise, but because she has something inside of her that makes her want to make others happier,” Evans said. “She wants to share the kindness she has inside of her.”

For Swett, the reasoning behind her acts of kindness is simple.

“Being nice makes people happy which makes your bucket full, and that makes you want to do more good things,” Swett said.

As she moves forward and grows older, Evans said she hopes Swett keeps her giving spirit and continues to spread her kindness.