An apple a day keeps the doctor away, delights teachers returning to school

Friendswood ISD is partnering with Aramark, their food service provider, to make healthy and nutritious food available for all of its students and teachers.

In order to celebrate the new school term, Aramark will give each teacher in the district a back-to-school apple with a message about healthy eating encouraging teachers to reinforce healthy eating by students as well.

“We want to give our teachers a back-to-school gift that is healthy and nutritious and that sets an example for our students. We are proud of our students, parents and educators who help Friendswood ISD to improve the health and fitness of the body as well as of the mind,” Food Service Director David Moynihan said.

Scientific studies on the health values of eating an apple a day support the truth of the adage. Apples are low in calories and sodium and high in fiber and Vitamin C. In 2012 an Ohio State University study found that eating an apple a day helped significantly lover levels of bad cholesterol in middle-aged adults and in 2011 a Dutch study found that eating apples might help prevent strokes.

For food in the school cafeterias at school, Texas Public School Nutrition Policy for Elementary and Intermediate Schools must be followed by Aramark in the school district.

The Texas Department of Agriculture has comprised a mandated policy for all Texas schools participating in the National School Lunch Program. The program is geared to maintaining the nutritional integrity of children during the school day. Policies affect all foods being served within a campus during school hours by both school Food Service and food that would be provided by student/parent organizations, vendors and individuals.

The dietary guidelines followed by Aramark are based on scientific information from a team of nutrition experts convened by the USDA. The USDA has now replaced the longstanding food pyramid with a new healthy food symbol called My Plate.

The guide suggests that half a plate should be made up of fruits and vegetables. Details on this information may be found at:

“Thank you parents for helping children learn to eat healthy at home. Our food service personnel as well as teachers, administrators and staff are helping them at school to make healthy food choices,” Superintendent Trish Hanks said. “And, thanks to Aramark for planning a winning beginning and giving an apple to our staff.”

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