Author/FHS alum Holt visits LA classes at FJH

Writing is an important part of Language Artsclasses at FJH and Nicole Ferro encourages her students to express themselves through their work. She invited a former graduate of Friendswood High School who is an author to visit with all seventh grade Language Arts classes.
Adam Holt accepted her invitation and shared his work and experiences as a writer with the students.

Holt is a Friendswood alum who wrote The Conspiracy Game: A Tully Harper Novel.

From a young age, science fiction and fantasy captivated Holt. He enjoyed the science fiction/fantasy of Dr. Who, The Foundation Series and The Lord of theRings.

He grew up in Friendswood near the Johnson Space Center, where his fatherworked for NASA in Mission Control during the Apollo and Space Shuttlemissions.

Holt was surrounded by the space program and did not realize how special that was until he left for college. “Wait, what? Your dad put men on the Moon? No way!”

He attended Baylor University for his undergrad, SMU for his grad degree, and taught MiddleSchool English at Greenhill School in Dallas for a decade; however, he leftteaching to devote himself to writing full time as well as sharing his love ofhuman space exploration.

It was a risk worth taking. Holt spent several months traveling in Europe and the United States, inwhich time he wrote and revised his debut novel.

The novel, The Conspiracy Game, is the first in a sci-fi trilogy and was released in December 2013. It will be followed in 2014 with the second installment in the Tully Harper Series-The Rathmore Chaos.

The Conspiracy Game is on