Back to school for FISD personnel began August 19 with convocation

The “first day of school for teachers” was August 19 and all faculty and staff met for breakfast and then convocation at Friendswood High School.

School Board members Rebecca Hillenburg, Tony Hopkins and Dr. Matt Robinson were there to welcome back the staff, greet the new staff and wish all a great year.

Keynote speaker was Leslie Milder. Leslie Milder is a public school teacher, co- founder (with her husband Scott) of Friends of Texas Public Schools, CEO of Common Sense Communications, and author of Hello My Name is Public School and I Have an Image Problem, a book she released in 2012 to help educators unite as ambassadors for their students and profession.

Her work revolves around restoration of pride and confidence in America’s public schools by letting Americans know their children are in good hands and that great things are happening in classrooms and schools across the country.

“Failure is the anomaly, not the norm,” Leslie says. “The nature of news is negative because negative sells. We don’t hear much about public school achievements because they are prevalent, not the anomaly, and therefore not news.”

She shared personal stories from her work as a high school teacher in social studies and also her heritage in a family of teachers, from her mom to her aunts.

“I spent the end of summers not at a beach or on a vacation but putting up borders on my mom’s and aunt’s bulletin boards, getting their rooms ready without air conditioning for school to begin,” Milder said. “It wasn’t until much later that I learned that not every one talked about public school in the ways our family did or not as often either. It is now my life’s mission to let everyone know how great Texas schools are.”

Superintendent Trish Hanks shared her feelings that this was going to be a good year in FISD. She was joined by her administrators who came onto the auditorium stage singing a rewritten song to match her feelings.

In FISD, 59 new staff have been hired. Out of those, 40 are teachers, 2 counselors, and 17 paraprofessionals, part time nurse and special education staff.

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