BBQ Trailer Gave This Class a Tasty Experience

The Nutrition class at Friendswood High School had guest speakers recently, giving students a wealth of information on the food truck experience. Ronnie and Nancy Webber, owners of Tin Roof BBQ came to FHS with their food trailer giving the class a tour through their newest kitchen and a chance to see allof the latest cooking equipment used today. Students were shown the importance of kitchen design and how it contributes to the efficiency of a working kitchen, while Webber explained how he uses it for catering and other events. The students learned everything from how to properly slice brisket, to the importance of direct/indirect heat and its effects on the meat, to different types of wood used in cooking and how it contributes to the meat’s distinct flavor. The Webber’s shared their success story of turning their dream of owning a restaurant into making Tin Roof BBQ a reality. The class ended on a tasty note with students being served hot BBQ sandwiches.