British Royal to be part of FHS musical, Mary Poppins

Queen Victoria will be visiting Friendswood soon and depending on the day, will appear a bit different each time. It’s all part of Mary Poppins, the musical being presented by the Theatre Department at Friendswood High School.

Expecting a sell out crowd each night, Director Kathy Powdrell added some crowd appeal to the script by asking certain faculty members to make cameo appearances as the British royal.

The part of Queen Victoria will be performed by Mary Rinehart, social studies teacher; Nancy Lockhart, Associate Principal; Jan Nemitz, art teacher; Pepper Smith, English teacher; and Dianne Hanegan, social studies teacher.

The role entails the queen who is a statue coming to life and then with the assistance of her Beefeater Guards, becoming a statue once again.

It’s all part of the magic that the Disney creation offers.

FHS Theatre Department feels very special to be able to offer the production. An alumnus, David Schrader, an executive at Disney Theatricals, helped them secure permission to do the show. It was his way to honor the memory of Dr. Myrlene Kennedy who started the annual musicals with Brigadoon in 1969.

Schrader is the Executive Vice President and Managing Director of the Disney Theatrical Group (DTG). He is based in New York City where he oversees the strategic planning and other business functions needed to produce some of the world’s most loved live entertainment properties, such as The Lion King, Newsies, Aladdin, Mary Poppins, Beauty and the Beast and Disney on Ice.