Brittany’s Dream Walks for Water

On Sunday, April 3, over 200 participants gathered at Stevenson Park in Friendswood to participate in the 2nd annual Walk For Water sponsored by Brittany’s Dream. Last year, Brittany Harris organized the event to raise money and awareness for the need for water wells in Africa. This year she raised approximately $12,000!

In Sub-Saharan Africa, most rural people spend 5+ hours a day, collecting water for their families. It is traditionally women and girls who walk for their family’s water supply. Each bucket can weigh 40-80lbs and is normally carried on top of the head. At the end of the day, their opportunity in education or small business is entirely inhibited by collecting water that may cause disease. A water well gives a community easy access to clean, reliable water. It prevents disease and death, and gives people the foundation they need to thrive.

The Walk For Water is organized to bring awareness and raise funds for water wells in Malawi, Africa. Walkers were challenged to carry a bucket of water on their head around the track at the park for 1 mile. This is usually the equivalent of one trip out to their water source. “The walkers were AMAZED at how difficult it was,” said Mandy Harris, Brittany’s mom and art teacher at Friendswood High School. “They could not believe what a challenge it must be every day for these women, and how hard it must be on their bodies.”

Along with the walk, participants enjoyed a BBQ meal and a raffle. FHS art students came out to do face painting, and photography students snapped shots of people as they finished the race in front of our "We Just Walked For Water" sign.

Brittany shared how her dream to raise money for water wells began 6 years ago, and how it has grown to involve so many people from our community. Each year at Thanksgiving she bakes pies and cake balls to raise money, and this past Thanksgiving she baked over 350 pies and over 2000 cake balls to raise over $28,000 for Water Wells For Africa. This summer Brittany will have the opportunity to travel to Malawi to dedicate three more water wells. Overall, this wonderful community has helped her raise almost $90,000 and drill 17 water wells. “She could not do this without the support of so many giving hearts,” said Harris.