Chalk Walk Public Art Show

You are invited to watch artists in action on Mother’s Day weekend, Saturday, May 12 from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. as they create sidewalk masterpieces using pastels and creativity to bring designs to life. Friendswood’s fourth annual Chalk Walk involves student and adult artists sponsored by friends, family and local businesses who purchase 3ft. by 3ft. squares (for $100) on the sidewalk in front of local stores.

The event is held in the Captain’s Corner Shopping Center located at the intersection of FM 518 and FM 2351.  Over eighty artists were matched with sponsored squares at last year’s event.

See artists at work as the design emerges on the sidewalk. The public is encouraged to view up close, engage the artists in conversation, ask questions, and visit the participating stores in the shopping center. Music, entertainment and food trucks in addition to local Greek food, pizza, and yogurt will be available.

Chalk Walk is supported by the merchants of Captain’s Corner Shopping Center who allow their sidewalks to become canvases for and who are supported by Bill Mehrens of SC Management in providing an air-conditioned comfort station for the daylong event.

Chalk Walk was created by the Art Friends of Downtown Friendswood, a group of artists and supporters who came together in 2014 to create an art event to raise money for a positive cause. The event was called a Chalk Walk and was a big success. After the success of the initial art show, the committee continued to meet and began to talk about how it could continue to hold a public art project event for citizens of Friendswood and visitors to the area.  The consensus was that the funds raised would provide citywide public art for Friendswood. Chalk Walk was held again in the fall of 2015 and 2017.

Friends of Downtown Friendswood will be using the proceeds to donate a major piece of public art to the City of Friendswood. Watch for details coming soon.

Interested parties may register as an artist and/or as a sponsor either in person at Friendswood Frame and Gallery, 150 S. Friendswood Dr., or online Those interested in volunteering may contact Luis Briones at 281-482-2202.