Cline Archaelogical Study

Third graders in FISD explore world of archaeology on campuses

Third Grade SEARCH students from Cline and Westwood participated in an archaeological dig spread across “Egypt, Pompeii and Greece, Colonial Williamsburg and Dinosaur National Park” while not ever having to leave their campus grounds.

Students had their passports stamped and were greeted at their destination site by docents who provided background information and all the necessary tools.

While excavating artifacts and fossils, students cleaned their artifacts and used document cameras to record and measure their finds.

These budding archaeologists rotated through other stations to study information found from coin rubbings and were able to make their own imprint fossil.

“We were blessed to have a parent that had recently returned from Pompeii and who shared photographs taken from the excavated sites and added to our experience,” teacher Ann Moetteli said.

Two lay archaeologists came and presented to all the students a week prior to the students’ dig.

This presentation was a great review of land movement, how like fossils are found in different parts of the world and why it is important to study and preserve the past.

The students were treated to many examples of cast and imprint fossils of both plants and animals.

“The dig was a huge success and was made possible by all the incredible parent teams that gave of their time and experience!” Moetteli said.