Cline Elementary students take on the roles of city council members

Cline Elementary students participated in the Friendswood City Council meeting on Monday, Oct. 1. Second graders Kade Ambeau, Brystol Del Bello, William Esbeck, Gary Faltysek, Beau Hanks, Carter Kirkpatrick, Kingsley Lovell, Tory Merritt, Aislee Rasmussen and Zoha Sahib took part in a special agenda item by replacing the council members in an effort to pass a resolution to make Oct. 2, 2018 Cline Elementary Day in Friendswood.

Students played the parts of mayor, city secretary, city attorney, city manager and council positions 1-6. After some deliberation, Tory Merritt, city secretary, read aloud the group’s mission statement: “The City of Friendswood has the following statement as its vision: Together we build our future in a friendly place to live, work, play, learn and worship.”

Following Merritt’s declaration, Brystol Del Bello, mayor, called for a vote to pass the resolution.

The members of the council discussed why each of them believed the resolution should be passed. Students described Cline as being a place of respect, citizenship, responsibility, fairness, care, trust and bucket-filling. With that, the vote was taken and the resolution was unanimously passed, officially making Oct. 2 Cline Elementary Day.

Cline Principal Barry Clifford said the experience was created to help the students learn more about how a governing body operates and understand the role of public officials.

“Participating in city government fits in our character traits and Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS),” Clifford stated.

TEKS is the measurable, set standard for the knowledge and skills students in the state of Texas are expected to know throughout each grade level, according to the Texas Education Agency. In second grade, students must “focus on a study of their local community by examining the impact of significant individuals and events on the history of the community as well as on the state and nation.”

Clifford said, by participating in their local government, the students were able to receive first-hand insight to the process of the local government and believes it to be very beneficial for their learning.