Culinary arts completes successful year with Café Blue

FHS Culinary ArtsFHS Culinary Arts

FHS Culinary ArtsCafé Blue has been very successful this year at Friendswood High School. When open, Cafe Blue would get about 50 orders at a time.  The on campus ‘diner’ is run by the Culinary Arts group under the direction of teacher Melissa Schwartz.
“I have eight girls and they work really hard when we do Cafe Blue. I put out an order form to all teachers a week or two a head of time.  The past two menu items have cost $7.  Teachers sign up and then on the day we prepare and  students deliver the meal to the teachers that ordered during the lunch they stated they had,” Schwartz said.
It takes planning and preparation.
“My students work very hard and getting it organized and ready for the day of,” Schwartz said.
The students have to do “market orders” for me so that I know how much to get at the grocery store.  They have to convert recipes that are typically for 4-6 people to a recipe that needs to feed 50.
“The week of Cafe Blue we are prepping the food items we can like chopping all of the vegetables, grating cheese, cooking anything we can ahead of time, keeping in mind food safety,” Schwartz said.
This year the whole concept of having, organizing and providing a restaurant on campus taught hands on experiences to the students involved.

“It is an amazing learning experience for the kids.  It is very much like being in an actual restaurant.  They work hard and are exhausted afterwards but they really enjoy it and feel good about what they are doing,” Schwartz said.