Danita Jacobson – Staff Spotlight

If you ever met Windsong Intermediate Special Education Teacher Danita Jacobson, you would immediately recognize her kind heart and humble spirit. She would be the first to tell you that she does not like attention but would rather stand in the background and serve others quietly. However, despite her soft-spoken nature, Jacobson’s impact has rung loudly across the Windsong campus for all 21 years of its existence.

Jacobson was one of the original openers of the school in 1999. Before that, she had taught at Westwood Elementary for one year and in Houston ISD for 11 years. For most of her time teaching, Jacobson taught fourth-grade but decided to make the move to special education at the beginning of the 2019-2020 school year.

“I just wanted to try something different,” Jacobson said. “I enjoy working with small groups of kids. We work one-on-one, side by side. I try to help them to be successful. I’m in the classroom with all of the kids, so if anybody needs help, I am willing and able to help anyone.”

That helpful spirit is what makes Jacobson perfect for the position, according to Windsong Principal Nelda Guerra.

“She’s working with kids who have the most difficulties with learning and she’s perfect for that,” Guerra said. “She’s wonderful with [the kids]. She’s their advocate.”

Jacobson has been an encourager for kids in many ways throughout her time teaching. From sponsoring Student Council to assisting with Choir to being a team leader and an interventionist, Jacobson does it all.

“She’s just fabulous. I always tell her, ‘the day you leave, I’m leaving with you because I can’t run Windsong without you,’” Guerra laughed. “She is an intricate part of this campus.”

Her reason for being so involved, according to Jacobson, is because it is what she loves.

“Every day, I want to be there for the kids,” she stated. “There is no doubt, all the days won’t be glory days, but I just want to come to the table and be there every day to help them. It doesn’t matter what I have on my own plate, I just want to help them be successful.”

Guerra said Jacobson’s impact is evident.

“She stays very connected to kids she has taught in the past,” Guerra said. “Once she teaches someone, they’re hers for life.”

She continued.

“If we look at our call to action, our beliefs and our goals, she speaks to all of them; especially [Belief #3: Student-teacher relationships are key to student success] and [Belief #13: A quality education creates a bridge for all students to become independent contributing adults],” Guerra said. “She is a true leader and truly loves what she does and being around children; you can’t ask for anything more than that.”

Outside of her teaching career, Jacobson enjoys fitness. A self-described “health nut,” she enjoys staying active and was once an avid runner, even completing two half-marathons and two full-marathons.

“We used to see her running up and down 528 and I finally told her, ‘You’ve got to stop running up that busy street,’” Guerra said with a laugh.

Along with running, Jacobson also enjoys spending time with her husband and two daughters, being outside, and doing mission work with her church. Through spending time with her family and the people she meets at work and church, Jacobson said she feels motivated.

“I look at all these people that I secretly admire for their faith and for their dedication and I am inspired to be better,” she stated. “I know each day I can be better.”

While Jacobson is admiring the work of everyone else, Guerra said everyone around her is admiring Jacobson.

“This campus could not run without Danita Jacobson,” Guerra said. “Danita is very humble and I think a lot of times, she does not realize the difference that she makes. My hope for her is that she sees the difference she makes in the lives of children and everyone she works with.”

Though she does not like attention, it is evident that Danita Jacobson is deserving of praise and recognition.