FHS’ Café Blue to open Sept. 26 for third year

FHySZ44gg2vnaksC3bYF2jlcecCtOgsf36R0murW3IY,pAfmgoxDrcyBQzWu5uSk_y3rq58QHVndzXpCrDdLD7ALearning the basics in Culinary Arts will be put to the test soon as the first Café Blue, campus restaurant at Friendswood High School, opens for the new school year Sept. 26.

For faculty only, the café has a changing menu, takes orders online and delivers  to the faculty who give it a try.

The first menu is a delicious one: two lasagna roll-ups, garden salad with choice  of dressing, garlic bread, water or iced tea and for dessert, mini caramel cheesecake. Cost is $8.

dqwtMTRqcqn3OfgXLJm365J6lfyShMrSBX__oQytG9k,hwN46koPvI9FzYv4T1xPPUR3D3sYRA4eLq5yunUXQRwAlong with Ranch dressing and Italian, diners are also offered homemade creamy feta dressing, something new for this year.

The teacher is Melissa Schwartz and this is Café Blue’s third year fully functioning under her supervision.

“All of my culinary students participate in Café Blue. They all prep the days’ prior and then help with delivery,” Schwartz said. “We deliver every lunch to the teacher’s room so learning how to do 70+ meals to go is a great learning experience for the students.”

The menu this time is a new recipe they have not done for a Café Blue order before.

culinary arts prep for Cafe Blue“We spent some time testing recipes to find some that we think the staff would enjoy. Creamy Feta is a new dressing we are making and it is homemade,” Schwartz said. “I have a great group of students this year and am excited to see all the amazing things they will do this year.”

Teachers and staff are quick to give them feedback and become repeat orders. The classes learn what people on campus like to eat.

“We will repeat some menus from last year but we like to try new things too and mix it up a bit!” Schwartz said.

The café also caters and hosts special administrative events.

“Every time we have hosted a group at Café Blue, the guests rave about the quality of food and the great way the students prepare and present it,” Superintendent Trish Hanks said. “Melissa Schwartz has opened the culinary door to a wonderful way the students can show what they have learned and learn more by doing.”