FHS Education class visits one room schoolhouse

FHS juniors, seniors experience on site teaching in FISD

Future teachers are in classrooms now from Friendswood High School and the experiences and feedback from teachers, students and the participating students all point to success for the new program.

Education and Training Cluster is new and part of the new Public Service Endorsement, a term referring to a grouped set of courses that lead to a career choice. The cluster is composed of the following classes: Introduction to Education & Training, Child Development, Professional Communications, and Ready Set Teach.

Approximately 40 students signed up to take the Ready Set Teach course under the direction of Linda Smith. The class is open to only juniors and seniors.

The first seven weeks of the fall semester were spent with students studying the teaching process. They learned about professionalism in the workplace, ethics in the classroom, working in FHS Quest classroom, expectations for representing FISD and FHS, TEKS for their grade level, use and function of bulletin boards, lesson planning, facts/history of FISD and mentor school.

Following this period, the students were assigned to a teacher to work with each week, participating in the teaching process in whatever ways the teacher needed. Some chose specific teachers while others wanted specific grades or campuses.

They chose elementary, intermediate and junior high levels and one student is working with the Quest team at Cline Elementary.

“I am assigned an elementary/intermediate teacher in FISD,” Aubrey Chalene, FHS senior, said. “This is just what I want to do and it is exciting to be able to start this program in high school!”

Superintendent Trish Hanks to come was a guest speaker this fall at Ready Set Teach. She explained her career pathway as an educator.

“She had valuable advise to share with future educators. She also explained her years of experience in FISD. Ready Set Teach students shared what they have been observing and doing in their assigned schools. They commented that their mentor teachers do a lot on a daily basis!” Smith said.

“Students also commented that they could really see Mrs. Hanks’ passion for students and teachers. This was such a valuable experience for my students. Mrs. Hanks commented that she really enjoyed visiting the classroom and spending time with students,” Smith continued.

Each student will prepare a portfolio of their experiences and present it in May.

Next year will be a Ready Set Teach II class and any junior who was in the first class this year will be able to sign up for it.

Smith is also involved in the other part of the cluster since all classes made for the fall.

Recently, The Introduction to Education class went on a field trip to West Bay Common School in League City. The one-room schoolhouse was an experience about 1898. Students experienced the teacher and student perspective. They were active in a pen and ink lesson, math, spelling, history, reading and recess lessons.

The Introduction to Education class is a recommended prerequisite for the Ready Set Teach Program