FHS Fall tennis named All-District

Members of the Friendswood Varsity Tennis Team were named to the All-District Team on December 11.

All nominees were voted in by a majority of the coaches in the district and were based on Team Tennis in District matches this fall, according to FHS Tennis Coach David Cook.

The All-District team consists of Johnny Luu #1 singles, Kishan Patel #2 singles, Cameron Norris #5 singles, Ethan Bui #6 singles, Kishan Patel/Jordan Desbrow #1 doubles, and Ryan Desbrow/Cameron Norris #3 doubles. Members also include LB Labra #2 singles, Hannah Cooley #3 singles, Sydney Chase #4 singles, Kathryn Dowless #5 singles, Sydney Chase/Kathryn Dowless #2 doubles, and LB Labra/Johnny Luu Mixed Doubles.