FHS Science Fair

Science Fair at Friendswood High School was held recently with a variety of winners.

Junior Neha Narayan took first place in Biochemistry/Microbiology and first in Overall Senior Biological Science.

Audrey Isaak received second place in Biochemistry/Microbiology and first overall in 9th grade. Lauren Goolsby received third place in Biochemistry /Microbiology with Vasu-Sidhant Poore in fourth place.

Sophomore McKinnon Westerfeld and Kevin Westerfeld were tied for first place in Botany Plant Science with Andrew Cianciolo in second place. Cianciolo also place second in Overall 9th grade.

Connor Prouix, sophomore, placed first in Chemistry.

Aditya Mohile, senior, received first place in Computer Science and also second place in Senior Physical Science.

Matthew Westhoven, sophomore, was awarded second in Computer Science and Jaden Walker received third place.

Crystal Chacko, junior, tied with Joshua Gruener, sophomore, tied for first place in Earth/Space Science.

Karan Jerath, senior, won first place in Energy & Transportation along with first place in Senior Physical Science.

Sarah Palmer, sophomore, took first place in Engineering with Stewart Coates, freshman, in second and Sinjin Sharma, junior, in third place.

Madeleine Thompson, sophomore, tied with Elizabeth Westerfeld for first place in Environmental Science category. Westerfeld also won second place in Senior Biological Science. Second place was given to Nick Jeffcoat, sophomore.

Shanika Silva, senior, won first place in Mathematics with Thomas Nagle, sophomore, in second place.

Yugi Xu, sophomore, won first place in Medical/Health with Brian Ninan, freshman, in second place.

William Carroll, sophomore, won second place in Physics.

The fair was organized by Rebecca Clark and Dawne Welch.

FISD extend its appreciation to all judges who participated.