FHS students receive gold, silver, bronze medals, HM in National Spanish Exam

Scoring excellent on the National Spanish Exam is something for which to be proud. At Friendswood High School, gold, silver, and bronze medals along with Honorable Mention awards were earned. This year more than 154,000 students in the nation took the test.
Second year Spanish students who received gold medals include Christine Nguyen and Lisa Nguyen. Third year students with gold medals include Candise Tat, Claire Zehentner, Desiree Buzby and Monica Palma. Stephanie Ngo and Sam Slusky were four year Spanish students who received gold medals. Five year gold medalists were Michael Fowler and Patricia Palmer.
Silver medals for second year students were awarded to James Barr, Jenna Chenette, Nathalie Heimeyer, Robert Moody, Gautam Rangappa, Francesca Labate and Nicky Stevens. Third year silver medalists were Ashley Cao, Rachel Cao, Phuong Huynh, Kathryn Kosinski, Megan Mai, Faatima Ovais, Kayla Vo, Johnathan Wong, Felicity Yiu, Michelle Leon and Jonathan Monday. Fourth year silver medalists were Thomas Chenette, Taylor Cubbagge, Kyle Holden, Vivian Tat, Andrew Zehentner, and Andrew Adcox. Fifth year Spanish student who received a silver medal was Nathan Tat.
Students in second year Spanish who received bronze medals included Elaina Roher, Kaleb Sanders, Tyler Bandini, and Nadia Asgari-Tari. Third year Spanish students with bronze medals were Gabby Le and Mia Purdom. Fourth year students included Ben Beck, Matthew Chenette and Rebecca Ryan. Fifth year Spanish student who received a bronze medal was Alex Briones.
Honorable mention was awarded to the following second year Spanish students: Jackson Bouley, Danielle Brandon, Kelly Colwell, Kelsey Ehrig, Morgan Evans, Rohan Kini, Claire Kitchel, Fiona Legesse, Kathleen Luu, and Walton-Gray Martin. Third year Spanish students include Darby Blodgett, Gina Fossati, Nicole Giles, Olivia Jackson, Erin Janak, Fionn Leonard, Kyle Li, Braeden McKee, Kaitlyn Stafford and Daniel Acevedo. Fourth year students receiving HM include Morgan Hecht, Erni Houghton, Cassie Nagle, Bradley Vera, Emelie Nelson, Alejandra Martinez, and Sophie Venturini. Fifth year students receiving HM include Leila Johnson, Carey Landon, Kendal Martinez and Lily Vo.