FISD approves raise for teachers, bus drivers

In an effort to stay competitive with bordering districts, the Friendswood ISD Board of Trustees approved a $2,500 salary increase for all teachers and an hourly increase of $1- $1.50 for bus drivers but both increases are contingent on the State Legislature approving a school funding bill.

May is typically the month that FISD brings the proposed teacher salary schedule, along with any other proposed salary increases for all other personnel, to the board for approval.

However, each biennium, when the Texas Legislature is in session, as they are now, and school funding is uncertain, it has proved prudent to wait until the legislature approves the school-funding bill before approving salary increases.

This approach can make it difficult to recruit new teachers and bus drivers when a starting salary amount has not been approved.

“With the current state funding formula rewarding student enrollment growth, it has been a challenge keeping salaries competitive with surrounding fast growth districts,” Superintendent Trish Hanks said.

The positions affected by this schedule include teachers, nurses, librarians, ARD facilitators, trainers, Licensed Specialists in School Psychology (LSSP’s), Speech Language Pathologists (SLP’s), Diagnosticians, Occupational Therapists, and counselors.

“I am thankful the tax ratification election passed last September," Hanks said. "The reason for the tax increase was primarily to increase teacher salaries and with this increase averaging 4 to 5 percent and with the significant increases the past two years, FISD salaries will once again be comparable to our bordering districts.”

The District plans to recommend a 3 percent increase for all other employees to the board in June.