FISD Board Meeting Report, July 14, 2014

For months, Population and Survey Analysts (PASA) has been studying Friendswood’s demographics and predicted growth as it relates to FISD. At July’s School Board meeting, PASA presented detailed data showing projections indicating some of our schools (Westwood-Bales, Cline and/or Windsong) will likely exceed capacity in the next five years. PASA offered a number of possible options that would address the student population growth. Trustees listened and asked questions, but no discussion was held or decisions made.

Board members approved the purchase of iPads for kindergarten and first grade math and reading students at Westwood-Bales and MacBook Pros for teachers, to replace their laptops. The laptops will be converted to use by students in reading classes.

The Board recommended hiring 18 people, including teachers and an Occupational Therapist. They also extended Superintendent Trish Hanks’ contract until June 30, 2017.

Trustees approved a tax rate for next year. It is $1.367 (including $1.04 for maintenance and operations, $0.327 for interest and the “Sinking” Fund. That is the same rate as the current year. The tax rate and 2014-2015 fiscal year budget will be topics of a Public Hearing during the next regular School Board Meeting, August 11.

Board members “called” an election for Positions 5, 6 and 7 (currently held by Robert McCabe, Ralph Hobratschk and David Montz) on November 4. Candidate filing for the election is from July 21 to August 18.

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