FISD Celebrates 2 Million in Savings

Friendswood Independent School District is celebrating over $2,000,000 in savings from our energy conservation program.

In March of 2011 Friendswood I.S.D. joined forces with Cenergistic, Inc. to implement a comprehensive energy conservation program. Cenergistic, Inc. has been recognized by the United States EPA as Energy Star Partner of the year for the last five years in a row. Through the efforts of our district staff, all six campuses within Friendswood I.S.D. have now been certified as Energy Star compliant and each campus proudly displays the Energy Star logo.

By making changes to cooling and heating thermostat set points by one degree district wide, tightening HVAC system scheduling to be at those set points 30 minutes before students arrive, and grouping all after hour and summer activities into the most efficient areas of each campus, the District has significantly reduced electricity usage.

Staff members have been very committed to the program. Lights are turned off when leaving areas even for a short while, and computers and other equipment gets shut down at the end of each day. Another key element of the program is constant monitoring of month-to-month usage which continually helps to identify areas of improvement. Finally, the District has instituted a weeklong shut down over the July 4th holiday week. The entire District shuts down all systems that week providing over $25,000 of savings.

To date the District has saved $2,038,273 and reduced our expected energy usage by 25.1%. Just as important as the dollars saved is the positive impact we have had on our environment by reducing our cumulative greenhouse gas by 56,602 MMBTU or 8,032 metric tons of C02. This is equivalent to removing 1,673 cars from the roads for a year or planting 205,958 tree seedlings and growing those for ten full years.

The effort put out by our entire District staff for this energy conservation program is one of the many ways Friendswood I.S.D. continues to be recognized as one of the most efficient and effective districts in the State.