FISD Cheerleaders Serve the Community

For decades, cheerleaders have been part of sporting events; yelling and performing acrobatic feats to motivate fans and players.

A few years ago, Friendswood High School’s Cheerleaders added a quiet, community service role that is becoming something to cheer about.
“In the past, cheerleading has had such a negative connotation. We want to break that perspective and show that we are community focused and serve the community,” said Kerri Yee, the Varsity Cheerleader Coach.
“It’s more than just cheering at games and being competitive. It’s seeing results and seeing things go for a good cause,” Yee said.
Her girls have become “regulars” at Friendswood fundraisers and service projects.
Recently, the cheerleaders raised more than $11,500 for breast cancer research, making them one of the top groups in the Houston area. Their efforts encouraged others to join in; Yee said members of the basketball team were part of that fundraiser.
“We want them to be good role models with good character and give back to the community that has provided so much,” Yee explained.
Cheer squad members also worked at the new Life Skills Center and were joined by other FISD student volunteers at the Legends Mike Doiron Golf Tournament, where they helped raise money for MD Anderson Cancer Center and FISD.
“Our focus is to make an impact in the community,” Yee said regarding the 42-member team. In a way, they could be helping themselves in the future. Yee explained, “…statistically, two out of 18 will probably be diagnosed with breast cancer.” Research money raised now could reduce or eliminate that possibility.

“Friendswood has been good to us so we want to give back to them,” said Yee.