FISD hosts Screenagers Parent Power Session

On Wednesday, Nov. 6, Friendswood ISD hosted its first Parent Power Session of the year by doing a screening of the documentary Screenagers in the Friendswood Junior High Auditorium. Parent Power Sessions were started by the District during the 2018-2019 school year as a way to educate and empower parents about hot topics their students might be facing.

Screenagers follows a mother, Delaney Ruston, on her journey to figure out how she should regulate her daughter’s screen time. Screen time is the amount of time someone spends using a device/screen. In American, excessive screen time has become an issue, particularly among teenagers who use screens recreationally for seven hours and 22 minutes per day, according to a report put out by Common Sense Media.

The documentary covered issues such as excessive screen time causing a decrease in empathy, desensitization, lower self-esteem, addiction, online-bullying and violent behaviors. As Ruston learns more about the risks involved, she also seeks advice on how to handle such issues such as limiting screen time, getting kids involved in extra-curricular activities and creating parent-child screen time contracts. Those tips and more can be found on the Screenagers website

Once the film ended, the 168 people in attendance heard from Assistant Superintendent of Secondary Curriculum and Instruction Diane Myers, FJH Assistant Principal Christina Holt, FJH Counselor Robyn Sandoval and FHS Assistant Principal Glen Newsom. The speakers talked about how the issues in the film have plagued their schools and offered advice on how to combat those issues.

Parents and students who attended said it was a very informative event.

“It helped with awareness about the things our kids are going through and seeing the fact that [screen time] really lowers performance in school,” Brandee Fernandez, an FISD parent, said. “The video made a lot of good points.”

FISD will be hosting more Parent Power Sessions throughout the year.