FISD offers students interviews after college

Thirteen students from Friendswood High School’s Teaching Program received a signed letter on May 16, from Superintendent Thad Roher guaranteeing them an interview with FISD if certain conditions were met.

“The signing day and letter bring focus to these students and publicly recognizes their accomplishments,” said teacher Brooke Holtvluwer.  “Signing Day is a way of saying ‘job well done’.”
The Teaching Program called Ready, Set, Teach II! pairs students with master teachers at different grade levels across the district for real-life experiences in the classroom all before entering college.
“Being able to go into the classroom every day and touch the hearts of children is the most rewarding job,” said RST student Cassidy Harris.
Should the students choose to pursue the study of education in college, receive a teaching certificate within 5 years, complete college with a 3.0 GPA or above, receive a recommendation from the student teacher supervisor and there is an available position in the district, they will have an opportunity to interview with FISD.

“This letter provides me with a sense of accomplishment and shows how important teachers are,” said Harris.