FJH 6th Grade Girls Engineering Day

February 17, Friendswood Junior High sixth grade advanced math and science girl students were designated time to engage about the engineering courses offered at the junior high level.girls engineering 1
During this time Coach Robeau, the engineering teacher and a coach at FJH conferred an interactive presentation to girl students in hopes of enhancing their desire to pursue an engineering course pathway while selecting their choice sheets this spring.

Guest speaker and presentation assistant, Katherine Jones, senior at Friendswood High School who plans to attend college at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University to study aerospace engineering, thanked engineering courses taken at FISD for her desire in the engineering field, and giving her “the best friends she has ever had.”

girls engineering 3
Coach Robeau believes that girl students tend to have more personal and communication skills that help their success in engineering courses.
To utilize these valuable skills Coach Robeau planned two hands on activities that required girls to work together in problem solving manners:

1) Paper Tower Challenge: paper tower must be free standing, tower must stand still for solid 5 seconds, given only paper and 12” of tape.

2) One Piece of Paper Challenge: given one 8×11 piece of paper and one pair of scissors to create as long of a piece of paper vertically without breaking as possible.

girls engineering 2