FJH Cheerleaders: #2 in the Nation, Awarded Superior Showmanship

For the first time in schoolhistory, Friendswood Junior High sent a squad to compete at NCA Senior andJunior High School National Championship in Dallas January 25 and 26. These 20cheerleaders received a bid to the prestigious competition from NCA during thesummer.
The NCA National Championship is atwo-day competition bringing in teams from all over the nation. Prior to theirNational Debut, the squad put in many, many hours of hard work and had wonfirst place at NCA and Cheer Power competitions this season, winning one byoutscoring every Junior High and High School team at the competition.
In the prelims, the squad struggledwith their pyramids, putting them in an unlikely fifth place.
“I watched these girls struggle forthe first time with their routine in a competition.  It was hard for all, but they didn’t let it bring them downand we rallied as a family.  Thatevening, the girls each threw a penny in the hotel fountain making wishes andthen rode the elevator up to the top floor holding hands and praying. Theirmorale was up! Coach Coyle and I knew that no matter what their score would beafter finals, the judges, other squads, and fans, would know we were the bestof the best!” Coach Stefanee Cibulski, said.
Day two was a new day. The squadwalked into the Dallas Convention Center for Finals with their heads held highand a determination and strength like no other. They rose to the occasion, hita nearly flawless routine, they left everything they had out on the mat.
             “Ijust remember us running into the hallway right after their performance and theemotions were so high. Tears of joy overwhelmed us as we hugged one another andcelebrated the fact that they nailed their routine,” Coach Allison Coyle said.
The FJH Cheerleaders had scoredenough to take second place and received 2 of 3 Judges’ Awards; “Best Use ofTumbling” and the prestigious “Superior Showmanship,” which is generallyawarded to the first place team. They put Friendswood Junior High on the mapand set the bar high for the squads to come.
 “Coach Cibulski, Coach Matt, Coach Alex and I are so proud ofthem for pushing their hardest. A coach can only get you so far. After thespotlights come on and you walk onto that mat, it’s up to you, as an athlete todo the work. They fought for what they wanted and it was amazing to be a partof such a special moment in their journey, ”  Coyle said.
“As adults we always assume therole of role models…this weekend the opposite was true,” Cibulski added.
CBS Sports aired the competitionFebruary 3.