FJH Choir scored Superior at Contest

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52 Friendswood Junior High Choir students who participated in the Region 17 Solo Contest at Nolan Ryan Junior High this past Saturday. “We are proud of the life lessons that they learn through doing Choir!” said FJH Choir Director Laura Rachita.

The students are ranked against a standard on a scale of 1 to 5. 1=Superior 2=Excellent 3=Good 4=Fair 5=Unsatisfactory. We are pleased to report that our department earned 4 “EXCELLENT” ratings and 48 “SUPERIOR” ratings.

The members of the choir include Alexander Walker, Alice Nguyen, Allie Bishop, Alyssa Bob, Anna McHenry, Arianna Leiva, Ashley Adams, Ashlyn Killian, Audrey Hilton, Brittany Harris, Brooke Humlicek, Cadence Bryan, Carlie Foster, Christine Chacko, Destinee Woodburn, Elizabeth Worrell, Emily Rodriguez, Emma Cowan, Emma Goodin, Ginny Gray, Haley Permenter, Hanna Dion, Hannah McMahon, Isabella Morrison, Jake Martin, Jeremiah Stubblefield, Jocelyn Pittman, Kacie Bridwell, Kate Humlicek, Katie Rodriguez-Keklak, Katie Vozzo, Leighton Bateman, Luke Davis, Mackenzie Sammons, Maddie Bender, Maddie Coburn, Max Mims, Maxim Annarino, Mia Escobedo, Natan Bondin, Pradhitha Boppana, Rebecca Throop, Ross Hall, Sarah Kerr, Sarah Saintelus, Taylor Cottrell, Taylor Greny, Zach Sharp, Amanda Archer, Bailey Cloyd, Nicole Benedicto, Skylar Fornfeist