FJH Cross Country wrap ups

FJH Cross Country ends year with wins


Friendswood Junior High Boys Track team participated in the McAdams Meet on
December 8 and brought home a win. The seventh grade dominated the meet and secured
a victory, according to Coach Mark McKeever.
The team made history with a year low of only 26 points. In track, the lowest
amount of points from the meet wins.





Top finishing Mustangs in 7th grade included Braden Decuir 1st place, David
Jones 4th, Royal Nieto 6th, Trey Mappe 7th, and Daniel Beck 8th.
The places added together totaled 26 points.

Team scores were Friendswood 26, Bonnette 71, Berry Miller 74, Lomax 142,
McAdams 161, Deer Park 171.
The 8th grade placed second.
Top finishing Mustangs in 8th grade include Andrew Camp 8th place, Austin
Trammell 12th, Garrett Turner 13th, Joseph Hermes 15th, and Austin Pitts 16th with a total
number of 64 points.
Team scores were Bonnette 39, Friendswood 64, Berry Miller 71, Lomax 131,
Deer Park 140, McAdams 257.
The Bonnette Meet was December 2.
Seventh grade results were First Place: Friendswood 31, Fairmont 47, Berry
Miller 73, Pearland West 78, Bonnette 81, Deepwater 486.
Seventh Grade top finishers included #4 Royal Nieto, #5 Braden Decuir, #6
David Jones, #7 Trey Mappe, and #9 Gracen McGregor.
Eighth grade results were First Place: Bonnette 46, Friendswood 57, Berry Miller
84, Pearland West 125, Fairmont 144, Deepwater 378.
Eighth Grade top finishers included #7 Jaxson Rives, #10 Austion Trammell, #12
Garrett Turner, #13 Austin Pitts and #15 Trevor Bliss.