FJH students travel to Peru for the educational experience of a lifetime

On July 9, students from Friendswood Junior High School traveled to Peru for an educational tour with FJH Spanish Teacher and Student Council Advisor Kim Hall. Their eight-day stay was filled with many adventures and learning opportunities.

Exploring the capital city of Lima and the center of the historic Inca civilization in Cusco, the group came to learn about the political, religious and indigenous influences on the world today. Their travels also led the group to the floating islands of Uros where they learned about the unique lifestyle of the native people of the region. Culminating a whirlwind of adventures, the group traveled via rail, bus and a short hike to one of the great wonders of the world, Machu Picchu, and were treated to a personal tour of this world-renowned archeological site by a direct Incan ancestor.

While in Peru, Hall and her students took time from their adventures to visit a village school where they donated school supplies and participated in an enriching cultural exchange in Spanish with the Peruvian students and teachers. Through this exchange, students shared interesting details about each other’s ways of life, and the Peruvian children presented a song in their native language of Quechua.  In this rare opportunity, Friendswood students Carter Hall, Makade McGinley and Elise Riley gained first-hand experience with the diverse and intricate fabric that makes up the human race, the unique sacrifices people make for their families and their ideals, the kindness and generosity of the world, and the global importance of caring for our planet.

“I am so very proud of these students,” Hall said. “The level of courage, commitment, and second-language skills required to successfully interact in a multilingual, intercultural exchange is remarkable. The Mustang IMPACT program and the FISD World Language Department were both instrumental in preparing each of these students to rise to the challenge as they grew in cultural empathy, and gained a unique global perspective that only an experience like this can offer.”