Forensics wins Grand Sweepstakes

Friendswood Forensics Team competed at the South Houston High School Forensics Debate Tournament on November 4-5 and won the 1st place Grand Sweepstakes out of 28 schools.

Results of the tournament are:
Carter Adams and Elizabeth Chong–tied for 3rd place Championship Lincoln-Douglas debate
Kennedy Bateman–5th place Championship Lincoln-Douglas Debate
Kelsey Ehrig–2nd place Championship Congressional Debate
James Mills–4th place Championship Congressional Debate
James Barr–8th place Championship Congressional Debate
Carter Adams–3rd place Domestic Extemp
James Barr–3rd place International Extemp
Elizabeth Hejtmancik–4th place International Extemp
Chris Bluth–5th place International Extemp
Jonathan Monday–6th place International Extemp  & 5th place Championship Oration
James Mills–6th place Championship Oration
Nicholas Jeffcoat–3rd place Championship Prose
Andrea Beasley–2nd place Championship Poetry & 6th place Championship Impromtu,
Miles Mabry–2nd place Championship Impromtu & 7th place Novice Prose
Jonathan Monday & Clayton Senter–1st place Novice Public Forum Debate
Kyle Flick–2nd place Novice Lincoln-Douglas Debate
Michele Cherian & Jose Camacho tied for 3rd place Novice Lincoln-Douglas debate
Ahysen Silva–1st place Novice Congressional Debate
Michele Cherian–3rd place Novice Poetry
Donald Vance–5th place Novice Poetry

The FHS Forensics Team is coached by Cheryl Ryne.