Former Educators Invited to Special Event

ReunionReception (2)

Former FISD educators will be treated to refreshments and an evening of entertainment on April 6.

•    The reception will be a simple, casual, relaxed affair. No speeches.

•    The event is hosted by the FHS National Honor Society and Student Council.

•    It is a way to bring associates and friends together over coffee and cookies at the Freshman Mall.

•    It will be an opportunity to see the new portions of the campus with the assistance of the NHS and STU CO members.

•    We hope they will enjoy an evening of songs and music beginning at 7 that evening, compliments of FHS’ marvelous Mustang Choir’s Spring Concert.

•    It is hoped that all will enjoy the songs and music of the FHS Choir Spring Choral Concert in the auditorium starting at 7 pm.

•    All are welcome to bring their significant other or a special guest.

•    RSVP and questions to 281.482.3413 ext.6557  Jill Hunter [email protected] or[email protected]