Friendswood High School ‘rocks’ the Homecoming Parade

Homecoming parade 2018

It was time to put another dime in the jukebox at the Rock ‘n’ Roll with Friendswood High School Homecoming parade on Thursday, Oct. 18 near First Baptist Church.

There were 33 entries in the parade including cars for the Homecoming queen finalists, sweetheart finalists, alumni from the graduating classes of 1978 and 1999, and other clubs/organizations representing classic bands such as the Beach Boys, The Rolling Stones and KISS.

Four $100 awards were given out to FHS Volleyball (Most Creative), FHS Juniors (Best Class Float), FHS Cheer (Best Use of Theme) and FHS Softball (Most Spirited).

Student Council President Elisabeth Brown helped organize the parade and was the one who decided upon the Rock ‘n’ Roll theme.

“I chose to do bands because it’s something that anyone could do,” Brown said. “It’s easy for everyone to have a float because there are so many choices to choose from.”

Laura Peter, Student Council advisor, said it’s not always easy to pick a theme.

“I like the theme,” she said. “It is sometimes very hard to come up with something original so I try to at least keep [the students] from choosing the same thing too frequently.”

Something else that can also be hard, Brown said, is the process of decorating the float.

“When it comes to decorating the float, it takes a lot of hard work,” Brown said. “You can’t get started last minute the day before. Student Council had at least three days of decorating and that was only for the decorations. We usually take at least five days to get everything done.”

However, Brown said the process is fun and ultimately worth the time commitment.

“Decorating the float is fun because it gives students the freedom to show their creativity,” she said. “I love the parade because everyone gets to see the hard work and amazing floats and ideas people came up with. It feels really exciting because all eyes are on you and your float. I saw little kids, parents taking pictures, and people smiling and laughing with their friends.”

Peter agreed.

“The day of the parade, there is always a lot of excitement from the kids,” Peter said. “It is a very energized atmosphere, it is hectic getting everyone lined up with all the cars trying to drive around in the area, but the parade itself is always very enjoyable, usually with no issues.”

Overall, the parade was successful in bringing the community together in a Homecoming celebration.

“The parade is important because it makes everyone in Friendswood come together it also really brings out everyone’s Mustang pride and get everyone excited for the game the next day,” Brown said.