Friendswood ISD sees jump in ACT scores

Friendswood High School’s Class of 2016 ACT results were released showing an increase in all subject areas.

English 24.4 (19.4 State average)
Math 25.2 (20.7 State average)
Reading 25.4 (21.0 State average)
Science 24.8 (20.7 State average)
Composite 25.0 (20.6 State average)

The 2016 composite score was 25.0 points, an increase from the 2015 score of 24.6 points.

At Friendswood High School, 272 graduates tested in 2016, up from last year’s 236 students.

The ACT is the most popular college entrance exam in the U.S. with more than 2 million tests taken each year. About 60 percent of the college population takes the ACT.

Increases were found in all four subjects with Reading having the highest gains from 24.9 to 25.4.