Friendswood Water Polo Teams Sweep Manvel and Advance to Regionals

The Friendswood Mustang water polo teams defeated Manvel in a clean sweep on Tuesday, securing a spot in the regional tournament for both the Lady Mustangs and the Varsity Boys teams.

The JV Mustangs defeated Manvel 7-3, followed by a Lady Mustang win of 17-5, and finishing with a Varsity Mustang win of 11-5. Top season scorers for the JV Mustangs are: Joey Alfonso, Hamad ElSaadi, and Adam Ertl. Top scorers for the Lady Mustangs are: Gina Fossati, Allie Hansen, and Selise Askeland. Leading scorers for the Varsity Mustangs are: Andrew Saul, James Tomerlin, and Nick Calapan.

The regional tournament will be held April 14th-16th at the Pearland Natatorium, with the top four teams advancing to the state tournament. The Mustangs are coached by Jeff Otten and John Little.

Members of the Varsity Mustangs are: Evan Metcalf, Sean Stanley, James Tomerlin, Colin DeLosSantos, Josh Haffelder, Nick Calapan, Thomas Nagle, Daniel Nagle, Daniel Holcomb, Thomas McHenry, Nico Monroig, Nick Schmutz, and team captains Andrew Saul and Woody Connell.
FHS Boys VARSITY Water Polo (1)
Members of the Lady Mustangs are: Audrey Sweeneym, Allie Hansen, Brittany Ratliff, Selise Askeland, Tiffany Sakahara, Reagan Hopkins, Kalika Teo, Preslie Booth, Michelle Danley, LuLu Rathbun, Jaqlyn Ribarits, Gina Fossati, and team captain Brittany Morgan.
FHS Girls VARSITY Water Polo (1)
Members of the Junior Varsity Mustangs are: Michael Claunch, Noah Geno, Vinnie Gangitano, Reed Miller, Jacob Badough, Hamad ElSaadi, Adam Ertl, Gabe Kovach, Nick Jankowski, Joey Alfonso, Caleb Sperry, and Kevin Lu. Manager: Joe Sloan
FHS JV Boys Water Polo (1)