Guest Speaker, Class of 2011, Alex Delafuente

March 10, 2016 Mrs. Sargent’s classroom welcomed back Friendswood High School Alumni, Class of 2011, Alex Delafuente as a guest speaker. After graduating from FHS, Alex attended University of Houston where he earned his degree in Entrepreneurship with a minor in accounting. Delafuente thanks Business Professionals of America (BPA) and his time at FHS for influencing his decisions to pursue his career and college major.

While attending FHS, Alex began his pursuit of entrepreneurship by starting his own action sports t-shirt and clothing line called “logo.” During his college career he actively pursued internships with Sewell Automotive where he gained experience with Internet sales processing and strategized gaining consumers via Internet.

Working with finance and people became a strong desire to Alex, and lead him to the start of his career path with Amegy Bank where he has been for a year now as a credit analyst. Alex gave Mrs. Sargents students advice for the remainder of their high school career as well as college plans. He encouraged students to really focus on what careers they would like to pursue, attend career fairs and then choose the major that best fits that pathway.