Hometown Heroes spread the drug-free message

Hometown HerosDSC04707
Friendswood High School Hometown Heroes
too numerous to count set their alarms
clocks a little earlier on Wednesday morning so that they could lead the 15th-annual
Red Ribbon Pep Rally for the combined campuses of Westwood Elementary and
Bales Intermediate. The morning started at 7:30 am with members of the football
team opening car doors and greeting students out in front of Bales while their peers
from other clubs and sports were in the Westwood gym giving high fives and signing
autographs. Members of the band and color guard members left their early-morning|
practice early to kick off this eagerly awaited event with spirit music and flag
pageantry. The Cheerleaders fired up the audience, 1000-kids strong, with cheers
of Go Big Blue! before the Wranglerettes wowed them with a traditional high kick|
routine. Student leaders from FHS then took the mic to share a simple but important
message with the young Colts and Broncos: We’ve got the power to be drug-free.

Written by Barbara Gruener, Counselor at Bales Intermediate