Kris Peek – Staff Spotlight

Cline and Windsong Admission, Review and Dismissal (ARD) Facilitator Kris Peek has always had a love for learning and language. Born in the Philippines, she fluently spoke English and Filipino, but she would soon find herself having to learn a completely new language and be engulfed in a completely new culture.

When she was 11, Peek and her family moved to the city of London, Ontario in Canada where she suddenly had to learn French. It was a major change, but Peek said it helped her grow.

“Learning French helped me to understand a little bit more about the culture and I had a better appreciation for what Canada was all about,” Peek said. “Language has always been a part of my life. It is important to be able to communicate with others and understand them.”

Peek carried this mentality with her when she underwent her next big change. After graduating from The University of Western Ontario in 2003 (shortened to Western University as of 2012), Peek accepted a special education teaching job in Laredo, TX where many students and their parents spoke Spanish. She decided to learn this language as well, bringing her total up to four languages spoken.

According to Peek, her efforts in adapting to new cultures and learning new languages helps her in her current job as an ARD Facilitator in Friendswood ISD where she brings parents and educators together to find the best learning path and tools for students.

“Learning a new language makes you think differently, and it is part of the learning process,” she stated. “Learning a language and not knowing all of the words at first makes me understand how it might feel for a kiddo who might not be understanding all of the pieces just yet. I have that understanding that it is going to be difficult and it is going to take some work and it is going to take some time, but it can be done.”

Her positive attitude and gentle spirit help make Peek so great at her job.

“She leads important meetings where we talk about kids and what they need, and the way she does it is why [Cline Principal Barry Clifford] and I want her to be recognized,” Cline Assistant Principal Julianne McCarty said. “She does her job in a way that is seamless and full of grace and diligence. She is there for what is best for kids, which is what we’re really about.”

She continued.

“Even if things don’t go exactly as planned, she’s very flexible,” McCarty said. “She is so good at her job and her attention to detail. She is such a positive light in her field.”

One thing Peek said she really loves about working for Cline and Windsong is being able to follow each student’s progress up until they move on to Friendswood Junior High.

“I am able to get to know the kiddos and see their development,” Peek said. “I love seeing where we started and how they have grown. I love being able to see them progress.”

Being a cheerleader for students, teachers and parents is part of the culture of FISD, according to Peek.

“Friendswood, from the moment I got here, was very welcoming and there was a sense of comradery,” Peek said. “People lift others up and everybody shows up for each other which is probably why people stay. I would not want to be anywhere else.”

Even as she has settled into her job, her home, and her family, Peek still holds onto her desire to continue learning and pushing herself. Just as language is an expression, so is art, which is why it is no surprise that Peek’s newfound love has come in watercolor paintings.

“I fell into art and watercolor about two years ago,” Peek said. “I remember as a kid loving to color, but I did not know how much I loved it as an adult. There is a peace that comes over you when you do it, and I really do encourage everybody to tap into that because everybody has a creative streak. It awakens you to express that part of yourself in a way that nothing else does.”

As she continues to walk along life’s path, Peek is certain to continue to find ways to beautifully express herself and connect with others in a way that brings peace. We are so proud to have Kris Peek as a part of our FISD family.