Lansdowne-Moody Company donates tractor

Friendswood High School’s Ag Barn is moving on up thanks to Lansdowne-Moody’s donation of a tractor Tuesday afternoon.

Lansdowne-Moody’s General Manager Hunter Harris and employee Jeff Ewing presented a bright and shiny Mustang Blue 35-HP tractor to FISD Superintendent Trish Hanks, Deputy Superintendent Thad Roher, Principal Mark Griffon, CTE Director Debbie Woodson, Sponsors Trevor Reifel and Rachel Hults, and FFA Barn Manager Lonnie Moffitt.

“I am a Friendswood HS Class of 88 graduate, long-time supporter of FFA and a believer in supporting the community, so this was just a natural fit for us,” said Harris.

Reifel shared several ways he sees the tractor being utilized, such as the ability to move animal trailers on the lot, grading the property around the barn, moving feed and hauling heavy supplies.

“This will help us take care of so many things that we just simply haven’t been able to do,” said Reifel.

Career and Technical Education Director Debbie Woodson praised the company for their generous donation and for giving back to schools.

“I think it’s wonderful. Companies like this make such a difference in the lives of kids,” said Woodson.