Local Girl Scouts build Buddy Benches for Westwood Bales

An idea from a young student in Pennsylvania has been adapted for

Westwood Bales and is working well, thanks to a group of Friendswood Girl Scouts.

The idea is a Buddy Bench and the project helped earn Bronze Awards for

the girls involved.

Recently Friendswood Girl Scout Junior Troop 26283 set out to achieve the

Bronze Award, the highest honor a Junior scout can achieve. The troop, led by

Camille Escobedo and Page Kerr is made up of 14 fifth grade girls from local

elementary schools, including Bales, Windsong, and Wedgewood Elementary in

Clear Creek ISD and located in Friendswood (Harris County).

In order to achieve a Bronze Award, the girls had to identify a need in the

community and create a plan of action to serve that need, help others, and make a

lasting difference.

The need identified by Troop 26283 was a buddy bench on the school

playground. With the leadership of the troop’s dads, this led them to build, paint

and personalize three rainbow colored park benches which were presented to Lee

Whitlock, Assistant Principal of Westwood‐Bales on May 21, 2014.

The troop was inspired by Christian Bucks, a second grader from York, PA

who wanted to give kids without a playmate on the playground a place to sit and

feel welcome. The idea of the bench is that if a student sees a child on the buddy

bench she/he should go talk to her/him or invite her/him to join in play. By placing

the bench at the playground, children are encouraged to start new friendships with

those sitting on the bench.

“The buddy bench concept compliments the school’s character building

lessons and pillars of caring and citizenship,” WW‐B counselor and author of

Character book What is Under Your Cape?, Barbara Gruener said.

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