Macie Simecek – Student Spotlight

Famous painter Bob Ross once said, “Look around. Look at what we have. Beauty is everywhere – you only have to look to see it.” Ross was able to bring the beauty of this world to life through art, something Bales third-grader Macie Simecek knows a lot about. Inspired by the works of artists like Ross and Frida Kahlo, aspiring artist Macie draws the world around her.

“I like drawing all things,” Macie said. “It’s easy for me to draw; it’s just something I was born with.”

Macie’s mom, Meghan Simecek, said she noticed her daughter’s love for art at an early age.

“She was always compelled to draw,” Meghan said. “We used to joke when she was tiny, tiny that we couldn’t leave blank paper around the house or she would put something on it. It was like she needed to fill the paper.”

Macie laughed and said, “I don’t like white paper.”

Even in school, Macie would fill the pages of her school work with drawings.

“In kindergarten, the first note we got on her report card was she had to focus more on writing and less on drawing because she would rush through her assignments to be able to draw,” Meghan laughed. “When the little artworks from class started coming home, I thought, ‘these are really good pieces.’”

From there, Macie began art lessons and even started entering contests. Before long, the awards came piling in. At this year’s Galveston County Fair and Rodeo, Macie won Best in Show in two divisions. Though Macie and her family were excited about those wins, little did they know they would be over the moon the following September when Macie won First Place in the Texas State Fair eight-year-olds division for her State Fair-themed painting.

Macie had worked very hard on the piece and the family even made the trip to Dallas to hand-deliver Macie’s submission that was one of more than 8,200 entries into the Fair’s art contest. Two months later, they got the news that she had won.

“We were supposed to get a letter in the mail the last week of September, so we had been crazily checking the mail three and four times a day,” Meghan said. “Then, I saw on Facebook that the winner had been posted on the State Fair’s website, so I went and looked and saw her name and was so, so proud.”

Unable to wait to share the good news, Meghan called out to Macie who was in the middle of completing a CrossFit class.

“I called out to her, ‘Macie! Come see your name!” she said. “I was very excited.”

Macie said she was thrilled when she learned she had won.

“It was cool because I won out of all the other eight-year-olds,” she stated. “A lot of them were really good, but they chose mine.”

This victory is likely to be one of many more to come for young, talented Macie as she goes through life drawing the world around her.